How does magic mushroom treat depression?

As stated earlier, magic mushrooms contain a drug known as psilocybin. This drug can ease anxiety and fear and reduce feelings of hopelessness in depressive people. Therefore, it is considered a potential treatment for depression disorder due to its altering experiences effect. However, doctors do not recommend using it alone. They have proved it to be more effective when delivered with other therapies such as clinical sessions. 

Magic mushrooms use to treat depression is evident in the cases of cancer patients who received psilocybin which helped ease feelings of hopelessness after discovering their health status. It is also apparent in the case of front-line health workers who experienced mental distress during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Advantages of using magic mushrooms

The main advantage of magic mushrooms use to treat depression is their effectiveness. The psilocybin compound is able to treat depressed patients that have been resistant to other treatments such as talk therapies and lifestyle changes or even other drug compounds. Not only is psilocybin effective, but the effect is also long-lasting. Two doses of psilocybin cause a relief that can last up to five weeks, unlike other antidepressants that patients take every day or therapy sessions that require patients’ weekly attendance. Doctors have also conducted studies that prove that psilocybin is fast-acting. These studies show that patients improved one week after the administration of psilocybin. The fast-acting aspect of this compound is advantageous because it can help prevent self-harming habits or suicide in patients. Magic mushrooms also aid emotional connection as psilocybin allows patients to reconnect with their emotions.

Disadvantages of magic mushrooms

Despite the effectiveness, magic mushrooms use to treat depression also has side effects that other antidepressants lack. These side effects include increased appetite hence increased weight, fatigue, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, dry mouth, drowsiness, blurred vision, stomach aches or ingestion, and lack of sexual desire, among other sexual problems.


For a long time, psilocybin has been used for spiritual and recreational purposes. However, it has now been proven helpful by scientists and doctors in the treatment of depression. Despite the side effects, magic mushrooms use to treat depression is the fastest and most effective way of treating depression, especially for patients that have been resistant to other antidepressants and therapies.

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